So you want to be creative? Well, as Claire the founder of Now Go Create says “anyone can be creative, they just need the tools to do so”.

What better way to attract new business than for Claire and her team to show just how good they are at providing those tools, after all, the proof is in the pudding, knowledge is power and all that… So we thought that sharing some of the many tricks and techniques they have up their sleeves felt like a no-brainer. The execution of this mailer had to reflect the creative service being sold, so we used 28 of Now Go Create’s ‘creative hacks’,  individually crafting each one as a beautifully designed postcard. They all function as a postcard, so it can be sent to help any poor soul, friend or foe get out of their creative funk. Packaged neatly with an introduction brochure providing an overview of the workshops these guys provide, to enable you to unleash your creativity.

The postcards have become quite sought after and are doing the rounds on social media, so contact the guys at for your opportunity to get some great (and of course beautifully designed!) creative thinking tools.

If you’d like something similar for your business, give us a shout, we’d love to help.